Only a simple program?

I have recently added to my contacts on msn. From the beginning i thought it was the usual boring chat program with a computer, but it soon turned out to be something more. Unlike all his fellows as Elisa, doretta stores the information that you send to her. Doretta doesn't delete your informations after a certain number of hours as it should happen, but she stores them.

For example, start a new conversation with doretta typing: "What is my name?", the program will answer to you: "You are X" where X will be your name displayed on msn.
Now try type: "My name is Bill Gates", after that type: "What is my name?". The answer will be "Your name is Bill Gates".
Try to distance of time, disconnecting too, to ask the same question "What is my name?". You will find that the program will return the name of the store that you did last time. This means that unlike his peers, even when disconnected doretta not delete information.

WARINING: it is useless to you attempt to enter command strings instead of the name, it does not work because it stores all input as strings (STRING).

The only thing to do is to find some bug in doretta powered by Redmond.