To decrypt file
$ openssl enc -in -out -d -aes256 -k fred_151

Alsa recompiler v2.0

Compile alsa driver, lib utilis 1.0.24 on linux

(download 791, size 1 KB)

download alsa-recompiler_v2.0.tar.gz MD5: e72461fecafaeb9467c6ff9b42cf5647 alsa-recompiler_v2.0.tar.gz

Check Program v0.0.5

Uninstall and reinstall completely a program on linux

(download 780, size 1 KB)

download check-program-v0.0.5.tar.gz MD5: 8bfe937e4738f665cb05655214382955 check-program-v0.0.5.tar.gz

Compress image v2.1

Compress lots of images with one command on linux

(download 777, size 1 KB)

download compress-image_v2.1.tar.gz MD5: 9d5943f77a4d6d0894fa802122f98229 compress-image_v2.1.tar.gz

Floppy images

An useful collection floppy images:

-bootlinux.img (file for start the linux cd-rom on old computers , which haven't boot cd-rom choice)

-floppy image.exe (program for write the file .img)

-grub091dsl.img (the floppy image of grub disk that i have created)


-recoveryPM8_disk_2.img (emergency disks of partition Magic, useful for create dos partition)

-win95bootfloppy.img (Win95 boot disk with mscdex optical device support)

(download 1129, size 4987 KB)

download MD5: 933373061950774b2b1ba58c436d6c49

MSN Cleaner V1.6.4

Remove malware from your messenger

(download 932, size 148 KB)

download MD5: 63c6bbe11b5ee632e9ef6891193cab88

No Notify Avira V 4.0.1 (win95/98/NT/XP/Vista/7x32/7x64)

No Notify Avira by fred_151

Removes the updating advertising and splash screen of Avira Antivir 10 By fred_151
Virus Total certificate

(download 691, size 24 KB)

download MD5: d659c6cc0a76fe6c0a880206fe72d82b
$ openssl enc -in -out -d -aes256 -k fred_151

Rabbit Sendy

Send newsletter to mail list

(download 480, size 715 KB)

download MD5: 1b3bd745c164031a80c0c53bd88448ae


Read the file SAM of Windows obtaining the system password

(download 700, size 1271 KB)

download MD5: c0a38bbca83c942f821642ab52d831e2
$ openssl enc -in -out -d -aes256 -k fred_151

Tabella Ascii

Ascii table complete in PDF, from 000 to 318 DEC, included Binary (BIN), Hexadecimal (HEX), Octal (OCT)

(download 1311, size 76 KB)

download ascii.pdf MD5: 393b0a7b3c3b65ce80580797709600d0 ascii.pdf