Rabbit Sendy


Send newsletter or message to a mail list in safe way to be sure that provider doesn't banish your email as spammer. The web interface give you a simple way to send email, you can write the messagge with TinyMCE, it would be like writing in Word. You don't need to recollect your email, this platform upload the email by file (email.txt). The platform use AJAX. Email is format in HTML, you can insert image, and use custom css! The file style.css manages the style.

How to use it ?

First download the package, extract it. Now i suggest to you to set your configuration but if you want you can use it now!
Open the file index.php with text editor, add you settings in the tag value="". Replace the file style.css and the email.txt. Open the file sendy.php, you need to set the url for the unscribe, example: www.domain.ext/unscribe.php?email=$email&code=$key. As you can see you can pass the variables that are needed to regenerate the key by email and if it are the same (code) you can delete the email from your database or file (email.txt). The code prevents attacks to delete your mail list. The key is generating by md5(md5(md5($email)+$key), $key is a number that you choose. Now you are ready to upload the folder on your website. Go to www.yourdomain.ext/rabbit_sendy for send you email!


Rabbit Sendy v2.0

Date: 17 September 2012
  • PHP 4 or newer
Tested on all major browser: Opera, Firefox, IE, Chrome.