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If you upgrade OpenProject from 6 to 7 maybe you will have some trouble with SSL certificate.


– can’t login into openproject with LDAP method configured

After the upgrade the log reports:

"NET::LDAP:Error (hostname "yourhostname" does not match the server certificate)".

After some emails with openporject support we did not find any solutions, so i decided to investigate and find a workaround. I had a server CentOS 7 with openproject 6 and a self signed certicate installed.

How to fix

To fix the login error i have commented the line 291 in the file /opt/openproject/vendor/ruby-2.4.4/lib/ruby/2.4.0/ssl.rb near the line “raise SSLError…”

Unless OpenSSL::SSL.verify_certificate_identity(peer_cert, hostname)
# raise SSLError, "hostname \"#{hostname}\" does not match the server certificate"

So i do not throw the exception if the SSL is not valid. The best solution is to investigate how the check’s function works but if you do not have time the workaround is helpfulest.